Sleep Philosophy

Working With a Sleep Consultant

My Approach

How I will help your child learn those valuable sleep skills


This is my favorite part of the process. We will dive into why sleep is so important, how much your baby needs, how it works, and what went wrong and why. Before we implement change, it’s so important to understand why.


This is your time to shine. No one knows your child like you do. The valuable information about your child’s temperament, disposition, and unique personality all play an important part in how I create your customized sleep plan. Every child isn’t the same, so every sleep plan shouldn’t be either.

Measure Success

Your child probably won’t sleep 12 hours the first night (though it has happened!), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t learning. By completing a daily sleep log, we will be able to measure and celebrate those small successes. You’ll feel confident that you are staying on track even through the natural ebb and flow of improvement.

The Elephant in the room: Crying

People always (rightfully) ask me about whether my solutions involve “crying it out”.  I think it’s something that deserves to be addressed here because it’s so important.

Crying is your child’s way of protesting change, and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will result in some protest. That’s why I’m always sure to tell parents that my program will most likely involve at least some amount of protest on the child’s part. Afterall, you wouldn’t like it if I changed the way you went to sleep either.

Please understand that I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries. The reason this method is so effective is that it lets you develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.

As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I adhere to all AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines. 

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