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"We whole-heartedly recommend Dream Again Sleep Consulting to any parent looking to help their child sleep better! Dream Again gave us the knowledge we needed to confidently start a sleep plan with our 7 month old son. My husband and I were exhausted getting up multiple times at night (6+) with our son. We spent many late nights desperately Googling for answers to our sleep problems. We felt like we didn't know where to start. Dream Again considered our son's specific needs and also my desire to keep a night feeding. The support we received throughout the process (daily check-ins and answering questions) helped us stick with the plan. Thanks to Dream Again we are all sleeping so much better at night and having much happier days!"
Mom to 7 Month Old
"Dream Again wrote us a step by step plan for our son Everett. Everett had always slept ok, but always needed mom or dad to put him to sleep or get him back to sleep in the middle of the night. Within the first three days, Everett made considerable progress and by the first 5 days he was making it through the entire night!! Dream Again was available to answer all of our questions as they came up, giving us advice and suggestions for every situation. Not only is he and parents sleeping better overnight but his feeding and naps during the day have improved and have allowed us to get him on a regular schedule. I highly recommend this service!!"
Dad to 4 1/2 Month Old
Thank you Dream Again!! As a mom of 3 kiddos, age 8, 5 and 3 I thought sleep problems were behind us but my 3 year old slipped into some bad habits when we moved and started having trouble falling asleep and staying in his room at bedtime and throughout the night. I put up with it for longer than I should have because I thought it would just magically stop one day but I should have known better 🙂 I asked for Susan Frazier’s help because as a busy mom of 3, I needed a straightforward plan that I could easily follow, stick with and that would solve the problem. Susan was awesome! She wrote us up a detailed plan, made the task fun and engaging for my 3 year old and was with me every step of the way to see how things were going and if I had any questions. Two weeks later, she solved all our nap troubles, he’s falling right to sleep at bedtime, he’s not getting out of bed anymore and most importantly, we have a happy mama and son! Job well done! Thank you for all your help and support!
Mom to 3 year Old
Thank you Dream Again Sleep Consulting! Susan created a sleep plan for my 8 month old daughter, Audrey, as she was still struggling to sleep through the night. My family travels often, and Audrey attends daycare part-time, so her schedule is not consistent. Susan changed the nap schedule I was following and provided guidance to ending the early morning wakings that were a problem for us. Within 1 week, Audrey's sleep greatly improved. By 3 weeks in, she can sleep 7pm-6:15am 🙂 Susan has a positive attitude and lots of knowledge. The best part for me was having Susan by my side to hold me accountable for consistently training Audrey at night. I highly recommend her if you need sleep help!
Mom to 8 month old
Susan was amazing to work with and her plan helped my 15 month old son start sleeping through the night after only a few days. It has now been over a month later and he sleeps about 11 hours straight through the night. Susan also helped my son with nap time and he is now taking naps in his crib for almost 2 hours each day. Prior to working with Susan, my son was not able to put himself to sleep for naps and could not put himself back to sleep when he would wake up multiple times throughout the night. He has now learned how to put himself to sleep for naps and at nighttime and is thriving. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who is struggling with infant/toddler sleep. The results have been remarkable.
Mom to 15 Month Old
I highly recommend Susan and her sleep consulting. After not being able to sleep through the night uninterrupted by our little one for years (yes, years) we finally gave in and hired a sleep coach. Now we are sleeping through the night!

I was incredibly nervous because we didn't want anything to be too harsh. Susan's approach was gentle and very structured which made the bedtime routine fun. If you are on the fence about sleep training, do it with Susan. I promise you, you won't regret it.
Mom to 4 year old

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